BC wildfires give “insight into nuclear winter”

A study of the unprecedented forest fires of 2017 in BC and Yukon, by scientists from Rutgers University, “discovered that when smoke and soot are forced up beyond the rainy troposphere into the dry atmosphere, they linger, then rise even higher as they absorb sunlight and remain detectable even many months later.” (Vancouver Sun, August 9, 2019, NP1,2, by Joseph Brean)

Super-heated by incendiary chemtrail metals fallen to Earth, massive Pacific Northwest wildfires lowered temperatures in the Arctic for a short time. (https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-wildfires-to-temporarily-cool-earth/)

“The smoke plume was so big, in fact, that the only applicable modelling of how it would behave had been done to forecast a nuclear winter”, demonstrating that “a relatively small nuclear war…could cause climate change.”


A divided country?

The blocks of blue and red (with patches of other colours) on the map of the election results, reflecting our ‘divided country’, gives a misleading impression. Hidden within those blocks is the colourful patchwork of votes in each community and region. The divisions reside in each community.

This map shows only the winners of our first-past-the-post system. The visual image reinforces our habit of competition and conflict—also today’s primary global dynamic. Voters did the best they could within the restrictions of that system, electing people from every party with no single power: as close as we can get to proportional representation. We did indeed tell our elected representatives to work together.

But can we expect those few energetic folks in Parliament to resolve the contradictions in our various world views? If we address the divisions in each community locally, we can take some responsibility in this gargantuan task, resolve some local diversity in perspectives and understanding, and move toward realistic solutions to our many crises.

As in every crisis, political and personal, dialogue and communication move toward resolution. Each community could take this on with local meetings specifically intended to bring the voters of every party together for respectful communication. These could be informal meetings to discuss particular policies; or a kind of Citizen House of Commons and Senate, talking together about issues currently in debate in Parliament.

We can’t wait for our competitive system to actualize pro-rep. Our survival crisis calls on us all to initiate new pathways to reconciling our differences. Any degree of reconciliation of polarities, in any country, works toward unifying all people of the Earth.



Extreme reversals signal weather war

“B.C. set new lightning strike record amid quiet fire season”  

Vancouver Sun, Sept. 14/19, page A10, Randy Shore

The sudden decline of forest fires this summer, like the sudden escalation in 2017 and 2018 (which saw more land burned in those two years than in the past 25 years combined: 2.57 million hectares) suggests that more than ‘Mother Nature’ or climate change alone are at work.

At the same time, “Environment and Climate Change Canada has recorded 422,000 lightning strikes this year in the province, far above the 18-year average of 266,000. July alone saw 264,344 lightning strikes, said meteorologist Matt MacDonald”.

Last year (2018) BC experienced 1,528 lightning strikes, and the unprecedented number of 2,068 extreme wildfires.

The BC decline in fires is attributed to “timely rainfall”. Mr. MacDonald explains that “much of the province was wetter than normal with 120- to 200-per-cent-higher-than-normal rainfall”. He adds that two wet weather systems are about to hit the coast: “We could get as much as 40 to 50 millimetres of rain in the next two-and-a-half days on the south coast, and that will carry through to the interior”. Ashlee Jollymore of the Rivers Forecast Centre “Intense rainfall is more likely to cause water pulses and washouts in small streams”.

In her landmark book, Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, Dr. Rosalie Bertell explains (p134) how lightning can be generated by Extremely Low Frequency signals from the phased array of antennas of an ionospheric heater, releasing immense electrical energy from the ionosphere in imitation of the natural process.

Using a range of electromagnetic frequencies the heater can also manipulate the jet stream, the electrojet, and the ten rivers of water vapour that circulate at high speeds around Earth to cause flood or drought, intensify and ‘steer’ hurricanes, and destabilize tectonic plates and volcanoes.

IMG_7069 emf lightning photos

clipping photos Justy

This year, lightning came with record rainfall; last year, with record fires. All three extreme weather reversals support evidence of weather war, confirmed by the sighting of infrared emissions (used in weapons guidance) prior to the devastating Stikine fires last year. Apparently military geo-engineers plan a roller coaster ride of fire and flood.

Why? Disaster capitalism, detailed in Naomi Klein’s book, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism, is an effective means of discouraging Indigenous Nations from opposing resource exploitation of their unceded territories. They are hard hit, with fires impacting traditional food resources; and rebuilding their communities challenges their economies—limited by legislation refusing them the use of their own resources. Their settler neighbours, and many city dwellers, must also spend to rebuild.

This summer—2019—record fires were moved to Alberta, Yukon Territory and Alaska. At the same time, Europe was hit by record heat, which saw a ‘high pressure system’ (like the one that was stalled on the entire West Coast last year) moving toward the Arctic. Satellite images look like Russia is being ‘carpet-bombed’ by fire.

Weather war makes punishing ‘rogue states’, attacking political opponents, or seizing Indigenous resources, easy, and ‘deniable’.

These relentless extremes hit the human spirit. Piling on the stress is a form of hybrid warfare: a variety of means of attacking just whoever they want, is now made easy by electromagnetic weapons technology. The push for 5G takes these EM attacks into our homes and minds.

Owning the weather for military use has been a goal of the global military since WWII when, after the US genocide in Japan, nuclear bombs were considered too hazardous to use. The US military is working toward “full spectrum dominance by 2020”, in pursuit of the published “Blueprint for a New American Century” and their goal of a “New World Order”. But other countries also participate, including Canada.

“Not only the U.S. is involved with this high tech assault on the earth system! At least Russia, China, the U.K. Australia, Canada and Japan are involved. The geo-warriors are, I believe, wishing to go public with even more risky experiments, with public approval, and maybe even become „climate change heroes‟! At the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, 2010, geo-warriors made their most public pitch under the guise of “geoengineering” as a “solution to global climate change”. Those who watch the military prepare for a weather war are alarmed!” http://www.pbme-online.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Bertell.Slowly-Wrecking.pdf#7s8d6f87#7s8d6f87

“Our most precious resource is the human spirit.”

Sister Rosalie Bertell


Geo-engineered Wildfire devastation in Portugal 2017


Central Portugal / Tábua since December 2017

002 (1)

Evil Fire

Fragmented thoughts

Of lives suddenly shattered

Blown out and lost in weeping grass.

Shards of a broken rainbow,

Discordant trails that jump from Personal to large scale loss.

Visions of flames falling down mountainsides, a home that crashed Onto precious memories

Tucked under pillows, hidden in boxes And running, confused in circles

As the end drew in. Rising

with ashes and toxic smoke.

Emptiness ready to be filled

With colour echoing mortality

And embracing the preciousness

Of every heartbeat.

Painting and poem by Annie co-organizer of Group Why Fire?




(last Saturday of every month, please feel welcome, our common language is English)

Contact: groupwhyfire@gmail.com

“Our Mission”

“Why Fire” is a nonprofit group with Portuguese and international residents who all chose Portugal for a better life! Leaving materialism-oriented countries behind, we wish to live and work closer to nature, with small holdings, our own vegetable gardens, animals and very nice and solidary Portuguese neighbours. That is why we have chosen the countryside of the Center of Portugal!

The group was founded in December 2017 in the Region of Tábua, witnessing the “Crime of Geoengineered Fires in Portugal in 2017”. More than 500 000 HA of forest, landscapes, houses and industry burnt down within two weekends (17/18 June – and 15/16 October 2017).

“The biggest and hottest fires ever in Europe.” Men-made “Geographical Disaster” with the same quality as the fires in California, Australia and Canada in 2017.

“Geoengineering to control the planet and the population in the 21st Century?”

Group Why Fire stands up to preserve Nature! 

*We do research with national scientists and action groups as well as with international Resistance movements  and hope that more Why Fires Groups emerge in our Planet!

  • We would like to aim for equal rights, respect and freedom for all inhabitants.
  • Together we need to take back our human rights, which are our water, our sun, our blue sky, our clean oxygen, free mind, thoughts and creativity!

*We consider ourselves to be a group for Awareness and Action, to investigate corruption and exploitation of our planet and humanity.

We are covering subjects like 

Geoengineering & HAARP “Disaster Capitalism” and “Geographical Climate War”

Agenda 21/30                       “Control of weather and control of population”,

Vaccinations, Bayer/Monsanto, 5G Program for Portugal, …

Positive Energy Sources     Physical protection and spiritual strength

Free Mind and Creativity     Spiritual Centers and Health Organizations

“Awareness is half the battle, the other half is to take action”! Roxy Lopez of the Truth Denied


Sat 26th May 2018 – 11H00  Greenbeancoffeehouse – Tábua/Barras



Portugal Central / Tábua desde Dezembro 2017




(último Sábado de cada mês,  em Inglês – sejam bem-vindos!) 

Contacto: groupwhyfire@gmail.com “A Nossa Missão“

“Why Fire” é um grupo sem fins lucrativos composto por portugueses e residentes internacionais que escolheram Portugal para uma vida melhor! Deixando países que se pautam por um grande materialismo para trás, desejamos viver e trabalhar mais próximos da Natureza, com pequenas posses, as nossas próprias hortas e animais, rodeados de vizinhos portugueses gentis e solidários. Por estes motivos, escolhemos a vida rural no Centro de Portugal!

O grupo foi fundado em Dezembro de 2017 na região de Tábua em resposta ao “Crime de Fogos da Geoengenharia em Portugal em 2017”. Mais de 500.000ha de floresta, paisagem e indústria arderam em dois fins-de-semana (17/18 de Junho e 15/16 de Outubro). Foram os “maiores e mais quentes incêndios de sempre na Europa”, correspondendo a um desastre geográfico, com origem humana, equiparado aos fogos da Califórnia, Austrália e do Canadá do mesmo ano. Estaremos aqui a assistir a um fenómeno de

“Geoengenharia para controlar o planeta e a população no séc. XXI”? 

“Why Fire” ergue-se para preservar a Natureza!  

  • Conduzimos investigações com cientistas e grupos de activistas nacionais assim como com movimentos de resistência internacionais e esperamos que mais grupos WhyFire surjam no nosso planeta!
  • Almejamos direitos iguais e os mesmos respeito e liberdade para todos os habitantes de Portugal e da Terra. * Juntos, pretendemos resgatar os nossos direitos humanos mais básicos como acesso à nossa água, ao nosso Sol, ao nosso céu azul, ao nosso oxigénio puro, à nossa mente livre, aos nossos pensamentos e criatividade!
  • Vemo-nos como um grupo de tomada de consciência e acção, no intuito de investigar a corrupção e a exploração do planeta e da humanidade.

Abordamos temas como:  

Geoengenharia e HAARP    “Capitalismo de Desastre” e “Guerra Geográfica Climática”

Agenda 21/30                        ”Controlo do tempo e da população”, Vacinação, Bayer/Monsanto,

Programa de 5G para Portugal, …

Fontes de Energia Positiva  Protecção física e Fortalecimento Espiritual

Mente livre e Criatividade    Centros espirituais e organizações de saúde

“Consciência é metade da batalha, a outra  metade é agir!” Roxy Lopez, The Truth Denied



         Sábado, 26 de Maio 2018 – 11H00

Café Greenbeancoffeehouse Tábua/ Barras

Whistleblower UN IPCC scientists identify IPCC conflict of interest

Many scientist co-authors of past IPCC Reports point out that the intergovernmental panel is a political, not a scientific, body. After scientists submit the assigned papers, diplomats appointed by each country work together to ‘adjust’ the findings of the scientific panels.

Dissenting scientists say that the published Report—a summary of 7000 pages—does not represent the consensus of the world’s top scientists as the UN IPCC claims, but rather, that the IPCC uses the credibility of science to push political agendas. https://granitegrok.com/blog/2017/02/un-scientists-turned-ipcc

What agendas might these be? Clearly, the fact that the IPCC still keeps military emissions out of their analyses and Reports illuminates the primary global political agenda: there are to be no limits to growth on war. Rigid focus (for 22 years) on the civilian economy distracts us, to enable continued expansion of the military death machine: fighting over Earth’s remaining resources, and reducing the number of people who share them.

Whistle-blower scientists from many fields have varied ideas to explain the global crisis—even that warming is not happening, or is caused by other factors than human industry.

‘Other factors’ include weather war: the global military’s best-kept secret; but the scientists I’ve read so far don’t mention it. The destabilization of our planet’s systems is man-made, to a great degree, with “the “ultimate weapon of mass destruction: ‘owning the weather’ for military use”. Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Center for Research on Globalization provides photos and details: http://www.globalresearch.ca/theultimateweaponofmassdestructionowningtheweatherformilitaryuse2/5306386;

Dr. Rosalie Bertell explains that geomagnetic weather warfare causes some part of the climate disasters around the world. From flood, drought, and hurricane to earthquake, these electromagnetic weapons have the capacity to kill hundreds to thousands of people at once. These are secret wars, seen as Acts of God or climate change, very efficiently carrying out the primary agenda: depopulation and global military dominance.

“This is not to say that military experimentation causes all atmospheric events and ultimately climate change. I am just saying that it is difficult in each case to separate out the military geo-experiments from the genuine heavings of the planet! The increase in violent weather is obvious to everyone. Is Mother Earth trying to send us a message of distress? Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change? I think not!”

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War (p6 para3)


             “Our most precious resource                          is the human spirit.”

Sister Rosalie Bertell        1929-2012

Conventional war with Iran not possible

What’s happening in Iran–a likely target for U.S. retaliation for the new global power alignment: Russia, China, Turkey, Qatar, etc.–now that conventional war is not possible?

> A Major Conventional War Against Iran Is an Impossibility. Crisis within
> the
> US Command Structure
> By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
> Global Research, July 21, 2019

Weather war is possible, however. The satellite images of fires in Russia look like carpet bombing. What weather war may be happening in Iran?


Wildfire weather war on Russia

Shocking aerial views of the fires in the Arctic, all around the northern hemisphere. But most concentrated in Russia–caused also by lightning. It seems totally obvious that this is the U.S. attacking Russia. It looks like carpet bombing.


Fires in Canada discourage Indigenous Nations from protecting their homelands and further corporate takeover of their resources. But why Greenland? Are the weather warriors losing control of their technologies?


A Major Conventional War Against Iran Is an Impossibility. Crisis within the US Command Structure

Good News!!

US Foreign Policy in Shambles: NATO and the Middle East. How Do You Wage
War Without Allies?
By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
(https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/michel-chossudovsky)  and Bonnie
Faulkner (Guns and Butter) (https://www.globalresearch.ca/author/bonnie-faulkner)
Global Research

Click to read this article in your browser

Michel Chossudovsky discusses the recent US/Iran clash in the Persian Gulf;

Iran’s capability as a military power;

the breakup of the Gulf Cooperation Council;

the Al-Udeid military base in Qatar the largest US base in the Middle East,
and Qatar an ally of Iran;

the flop of the proposed Middle East Strategic Alliance, also known as the
Arab NATO;

the July 2016 failed coup d’etat against Turkish President Erdogan;

the US/Israel/Turkey “triple alliance” now a Turkey/Iran/Russia “triple

Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 missile defense shield constitutes its
de facto exit from NATO;

the geopolitical realignment of the Middle East and its repercussions on the
North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Also see: https://www.globalresearch.ca/a-major-conventional-war-against-iran-is-an-impossibility-crisis-within-the-us-command-structure/5682514.




Celebrating Radical Peace


Janet Lynn Rutherford


An original activist bringing the terrible human consequences of war to public awareness, Lynn was a woman who lived her life as a full human being, ignoring every restriction of our culture and times. She used her spirited talents in music and art to communicate her message.

Long before the internet, she organized global conversations by computer and radio transmission on the anniversaries of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki genocide, between friends in Vancouver, California, and Japan as well as Russia. She initiated a walk for peace to Russia and did that, with several friends, by foot and train to Moscow and St. Petersburg, at a time when cold war tensions were high. Her energy for connecting people informed her life.

She connected with me: showed this alienated, conservative person how to go ahead and do what means most to you. My family having narrowly escaped WWII in Europe, with infant me, the trauma of war and displacement has been integral to my being. Her work to connect people and bring messages of healing and action gave me new vistas of possibility. Her untimely death is a great loss to us all.

Peoples’ Search and Rescue was her storefront in Vancouver’s downtown East Side before activism caught hold there. Everyone was welcome to visit, make friends, participate, check the extensive bulletin board for jobs, occasional work, lost dogs and cats, a place to stay. It was there I learned not to fear the disadvantaged: kind people, victims at home of our conflicted, war-torn world.

Throughout her life, her various homes and properties also welcomed whoever arrived, becoming spirited centres of mutual learning. Her music and art encouraged us all to participate whether we knew how or not. She played her guitar there and at demonstrations; sang songs of awareness few of us mainstream folks had heard of. Richard and Mimi Farina’s ‘If somehow you could pack up your sorrows and give them all to me…’ still resonates in my mind. Lynn taught me this round song that still speaks of the activist class—‘nouveau pauvre’:

‘Ego sum pauper. Nihil habeo. Cor meum dabo.’

Invited to several of her trips to the San Francisco Bay area, where she partly grew up, I learned radical politics. Informal lectures at the University of Berkeley, initiated by students and innovative professors, blew my straight-laced mind with discussions of the complications of democracy—right in the heart of the institutional beast. The creative counter-culture chaos enriched my imagination with new art and music, and my understanding of proactive organizing.

Lynn was always ready to discuss and argue perspectives; we were both strong-minded and passionate about our opinions, but her persistence in coming to a common appreciation of our differences never faltered. She was my best friend—through an astounding fifty years of working at mutual understanding and empathy. Her spirit informs my work today. She would be right onto this ultimate threat to humanity with all her light energy.

Thank you, Lynn!


Spring heat wave signals summer weather war

Last summer a high-pressure system was ‘stuck’ over the west coast from BC to California, drying out the forests. This weather pattern is here again, breaking heat records in the first week of spring.

March 20, 2019  Vancouver Sun:

Environment Canada meteorologist Jonathan Bau describes today’s situation:

“There’s a strong high-pressure system sitting over much of BC and it’s unusual because it’s so warm with the air coming from the States. We are breaking records all the way up to the Yukon. ‘On Monday BC crushed 26 weather records including Abbotsford and Squamish.’

August 31, 2018  Vancouver Sun:

University of Alberta wildfire expert Mike Flannigan describes last year’s crisis:

“We’ve been predicting more fire in B.C., but we weren’t expecting this much, this soon”. He blamed a blocking ridge of high pressure for creating the perfect conditions for disaster. The air beneath the ridge, which has been stuck over B.C. and the Western U.S. for much of this summer and last “sinks, dries and warms”. That in turn dries the forests that fuel the fire. “The table is set”, said the professor. A lightning strike or human error ignites the inferno. He predicts more years with more fire activity’.

Such a ridge of high pressure can be set by ‘steering’ the jet stream with an ionospheric heater. In her mind-blowing book Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, Dr. Rosalie Bertell explains how the heater’s phased array of microwave antennas can do this.

“It has been speculated that an ‘electronic dam’ can be set up using ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] generators – a magnetic field is created which stalls or blocks a weather front…” (p136).

With the invention of the ionospheric heater in 1966 based on Nikola Tesla’s work, global powers developed electromagnetic (EM) weapons despite the 1978 United Nations Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques: ENMOD. They avoid censure by naming projects industrial or solar research.

The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program -HAARP- in Gakona, Alaska, is the ionospheric heater of the U.S. system of EM weapons, integrated with high-frequency radio and radar installations around the world—like the North Warning System in Canada. The first stage of HAARP was completed in 1995, with 18 transmission towers; by 1998 there were 48, and by 2002, 180 transmission towers were in operation (p122).                                  


The U.S. military boasts that ENMOD is part of their arsenal.

“Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally…It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes. The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather…and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power. (US Air Force, Air University of the US Air Force, AF 2025 Final Report.) http://www/au/af/,o;/au/2025/.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky: http://www.globalresearch.ca/theultimateweaponofmassdestructionowningtheweatherformilitaryuse2/5306386.

“Full spectrum dominance by 2020”

Dr. Bertell explains how ionospheric heaters can also be used to manipulate the ten rivers of water vapour and the electrojet in the ionosphere, all circulating at high speed around Earth,  to generate or intensify every extreme weather and geological event: from hurricane, flood and drought, to earthquake, tsunami, and volcanic destabilization.

The North Warning System, American-owned high-frequency radio and radar installations   in Canada, is part of the U.S. system of electromagnetic weapons. Our government is in talks with them to add new sites and advanced EM technologies. (David Pugliese in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut: “The Thinning White Line”, Vancouver Sun, NP3, October 9, 2018.)   The Canadian Space Agency recently announced their plan to launch three surveillance satellites this May.

HAARP and these globally-integrated EM systems are used to attack ‘rogue states’: Professor Chossudovsky identifies extreme weather in North Korea, Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, and former Soviet Republics. It seems unavoidable that the NWS would be integral to the ‘stand-alone’ “Space Force” announced by Donald Trump and the Pentagon on January 18, 2019.

In her letter to the UN Conference on Biodiversity, Dr. Bertell points to “50 decades of military experiments designed to assure the U.S. “full spectrum dominance” by 2020”: http://www.pbme-online.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Bertell.Durban.debate.today-1.pdf.

In her book and online she details the shocking history of military experiments in the atmosphere and deep in the Earth. http://www.pbme-online.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Bertell.Slowly-Wrecking.pdf. She is alarmed at the rising ‘geo-warriors’:

“Not only the U.S. is involved with this high tech assault on the earth system! At least Russia, China, the U.K. Australia, Canada and Japan are involved. The geo-warriors are, I believe, wishing to go public with even more risky experiments, with public approval, and maybe even become „climate change heroes‟! At the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen, 2010, geo-warriors made their most public pitch under the guise of “geoengineering” as a “solution to global climate change”. Those who watch the military prepare for a weather war are alarmed!” (p7)

Writing in 2001, Dr. Bertell tells us: 

“When HAARP is completed, it will be able to warm specific areas of the ionosphere until they produce a curved-shape lens capable of redirecting significant amounts of electromagnetic energy. These reflected electromagnetic beams may be in the microwave or ultraviolet range and could be used as a weapon eitherto incinerate a forest or oil reserve or to selectively kill living things” (p124).

Why burn BC?                                   

For the same reason Western powers are bombing oil-rich countries, weaponizing local conflicts, financing ISIL, forcing migration: global corporations want the last of our Earth’s diminishing resources.

The International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and academic promoters of hard-line capitalism, are taking over the economies of every country with economic hit men and ‘debt bombs’.

Canada is not immune. We are perpetrators: U.S. and NATO ally, fourth largest global weapons trader. The “shadow government: the corporate world” now operates in the light of day. Country and citizens, we are all over-extended: owned by global capital.

BC is not immune: a treasure house of untapped resources of every kind, including LAND, and WATER.

SNC Lavalin and related corporations are building Site C, the third dam on the Peace River, flooding another 183 miles of the Peace Valley homelands of Indigenous Nations, along with the farms: the ‘breadbasket of the North’. Corporations also build export pipelines in defiance of internationally-recognized Treaties and Aboriginal Title. The public expense of near-free resources and export infrastructure provides life-support for a dying fossil economy. Mining companies industrialize the last unimpacted homelands.

The New Democrats say they recognize the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples but ignore The Inconvenient Indian (Thomas King). The NDP moral compass has once again been deflected by that sector of the labour unions that clings to unsustainable mega-project boom-and-bust. Seduced by corporate pipe dreams of mega-profits, they trade public mega-expense for jobs, growth, votes. Paying lip service to environment, democracy, and law, they facilitate the capitalist feeding frenzy. To maintain unstable power, the Greens speak carefully.

First Nations increasingly win legal decisions, which every government ignores ‘in the national interest’. Still, the ‘best-kept secret’ is coming out: Aboriginal Title is both a legal and moral reality. They gain increasing public support for protecting our common life-support ecosystems.

The American obsession to wipe out every vestige of socialism, from Russia and Libya to Cuba and Venezuela, applies to Indigenous Peoples: the “the original communists”. Collective, matrilineal cultures, sustaining community for thousands of years by means of Respect and consensus, are forced by legislated poverty, land theft—and recently, weather war—toward  individualist, patrilineal, authoritarian, imperialist—Christian—societies. (Nuxhalk Nation, “Doctrine of Christian Discovery” Reaffirmation of Nuxhalk Law 1996.)

Wildfire weather war

More BC forests burned in 2018 and 2017 than in the previous 25 years combined: 2.57 million hectares.

Unprecedented intensity and unusual fire behaviour were reported with the same phrases, in BC and in California: ‘unpredictable, traveling fast’, merging with other fires. It was ‘a burning, exploding fire’; it ‘snaked through town’ demolishing some homes but leaving the one next door untouched.


Dr. Bertell identifies chemtrails as chemical and biological weapons. Aerial spraying of incendiary metals: barium, aluminum, strontium, and unknown toxins, ostensibly to reflect sunlight back into space, done around the world since the 1950s, dry forests and fuel wildfire extremes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh4iS_P5aBw.

(Geoengineering Watch:a whistleblower chemtrail pilot reveals details, and photos of jets, inside and out, flown by the highest-paid military pilots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZaD-H_j3pU.)


Burning lands, villages, and crops has always been a weapon of war.

Dr. Bertell points to our awareness and united action after the Vietnam War:

“An international treaty protecting natural ecosystems, the United Nations Convention on Environmental Modification was signed in 1978 after the Vietnam War. In this conflict, the military had deliberately targeted the environment as a strategy of war: more than two million acres of forest were levelled and denuded; another five million acres of land were left contaminated and unproductive because of toxic chemicals such as ‘Agent Orange’” (p45). 

Barbara Kingsolver describes contra wars in Guatemala:

“Whole villages of Indians forced to move again and again.  As soon as they planted their crops, Estevan said, the police would come and set their houses and fields on fire and make them move again.  The strategy was to wear them down so they’d be too tired or too hungry to fight back.”   The Bean Trees 

The fires in BC burned homes, hunting territories, berry crops, and medicinal plants, at times prevented fishing—the traditional food sources on which First Nations depend. They were evacuated; some vulnerable people died from smoke and stress. They lived away for months, came home to devastation: to the urgent need to rebuild, to find millions to replace homes, fish houses, and essential infrastructure before winter sets in.

Band spokeswoman Miranda Louie of the Nadleh Whut’en First Nation near Fort Fraser, said “There was no communication with our community…The financial impact to our membership is going to be quite tremendous.” (Laura Kane, Vancouver Sun, August 25)

Non-native neighbours were also impacted; many likewise defied evacuation orders—enforced by RCMP—to stay and fight the fires, protect their homes.

Tensions rise. Will the dominator sector call out the army—again? RCMP and Canadian Forces polish their swords. Politicians polish their regret speeches; CEOs polish their champagne flutes. Overt violence is still popular; but violence disguised as ‘Force of Nature’ is trending.

Clear evidence of weather war

The fish camp on the Stikine River where infrared emissions were seen.

Infrared emissions, used in weapons guidance, were observed in 2017, prior the Stikine fires in northwest BC. Thought to be invisible to the human eye, a 2014 international study found that if the light beam is pulsed fast enough the eye can see it. (https://phys.org/news/2014-12-human-eye-invisible-infrared.html.)                                    

Wakened in the night by howling dogs, the campers saw a broad red-light beam pulsing rapidly from the sky toward the headland rising from the meadow. One year later the second-largest fire, burning 118,318 hectares in the Stikine, was ignited by a lightning strike—three kilometers away.

Why one year from infrared emissions to strike?  Dr. Bertell: “In the 1960s the Soviets had an orbital weapon called a ‘killer satellite’. It was supposed to use a radar-guided, two-orbit profile (that is, it needed two orbits around the Earth) to identify and lock on to its target. Since the two-orbit timing was slow, attempts to create a one-orbit ‘kill’ using infrared guidance were tried but were notably unsuccessful” (p83).  

She describes a 1977 ELF test in Wisconsin: “The transmissions were pulsed at a rate of 16 times a second. The ELF antenna loop used the ionosphere as an outer shell of a spherical capacitor [storing more electrical potential than the surrounding Earth], with the inner conductor composed of the Earth’s surface. This circuit duplicated the process that occurs during thunder and lightning storms” (p134).

Of 2,068 BC wildfires in 2018, an unprecedented 1,528 were caused by lightning.

What can be done?

Dr. Bertell and Professor Chossudovsky both advise environmentalists to pay attention to military research and experimentation, now destabilizing our planet.  Framing local issues in the context of global military dominance reveals more options for action on climate change. Military emissions are not included in the IPCC Report—due to U.S. lobbies at Kyoto.

Dr. Bertell: “In my view, the emergency action we must take is to terminate the military” (p168). We must challenge the belief that military force is a necessary evil. To be successful we must replace people’s fear, which supports the military idea of security, with a viable concept of security that resonates with today’s crises: climate collapse, internal conflict, migration, human trauma and environmental chaos (pp172-177).

“The time is also ripe for a feminist critique of human and environmental security needs…I would go still further and call for ecological security. A feminist critique would also explore the issue of culturally sanctioned violence. The hard sell marketing of military and space to young people is apparent in all forms of media” (p191).

The good news: the ionospheric heater could be used to ameliorate the impacts of climate change. 

“The Eastlund patents also describe ‘altering upper-atmosphere winds – so that positive environmental effects can be achieved….’ In theory HAARP could create rain in drought-ridden areas, decrease rains during flooding, and direct hurricanes, tornadoes and monsoons away from populated areas” (p124). 

Dr. Rosalie gives examples of coalitions taking action with United Nations agencies, inspiring a potential united action.

  • to reassert the 1978 ENMOD Convention
  • to evaluate electromagnetic weapons;
  • to require all nations to use environmental modification to ease the impacts of climate change–under public oversight.

“This is not to say that military experimentation causes all atmospheric events and ultimately climate change. I am just saying that it is difficult in each case to separate out the military geo-experiments from the genuine heaving’s of the planet! The increase in violent weather is obvious to everyone. Is Mother Earth trying to send us a message of distress? Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change?          I think not!”