This site looks at emerging eco-social crises, sharing positive perspectives and radical common-sense solutions to the shocking troubles we face. They look impossible to fix.

But billions of people, in every country, take initiatives to change, and heal–ourselves and our society. These “re-inventors” (Amory Lovins’ word) make remarkable progress inside the belly of the beast. The entrenched ‘me-first’ patriarchal system of competition, dominance, and profiteering from war, is vulnerable to public understanding of the whole; and to the spirit of citizen action now inflaming the world.

Public information outreach to make sustainable solutions widely available has been my work for more than four decades. I organized speaking tours, public meetings and workshops for global and local experts with a solutions perspective. Drs. Rosalie Bertell (who helped BC defeat nuclear reactors and uranium mines), Hazel Henderson, Paul Connett, and Amory Lovins show us how to actualize solutions to the most difficult problems we face.

As a teacher, citizen activist, and sole proprietor, I worked in cooperation with local and national organizations and Indigenous Nations. I co/founded several community eco-action groups and coalitions; stood for public office as an independent ecologist; organized and participated in numerous direct actions.

Ending war has been the focus of my work because my family, with my infant self, narrowly escaped World War II in Europe. Three children born in war, three  in relative peace on Turtle Island, give me to understand the worlds of difference. Inter-generational impact of war trauma has been my life experience and study.

At this time of crisis, stimulating big-time fight or flight response in us all–fear, anger, despair, panic–a positive approach can perform wonders of healing. Once we see the whole picture, we can depend on the relentless, brilliant, human drive to understand and fix it.

Hildegard (Hilda)

“Our most precious resource is the human spirit.”

Dr. Rosalie Bertell