Whistleblower UN IPCC scientists identify IPCC conflict of interest

Many scientist co-authors of past IPCC Reports point out that the intergovernmental panel is a political, not a scientific, body. After scientists submit the assigned papers, diplomats appointed by each country work together to ‘adjust’ the findings of the scientific panels.

Dissenting scientists say that the published Report—a summary of 7000 pages—does not represent the consensus of the world’s top scientists as the UN IPCC claims, but rather, that the IPCC uses the credibility of science to push political agendas. https://granitegrok.com/blog/2017/02/un-scientists-turned-ipcc

What agendas might these be? Clearly, the fact that the IPCC still keeps military emissions out of their analyses and Reports illuminates the primary global political agenda: there are to be no limits to growth on war. Rigid focus (for 22 years) on the civilian economy distracts us, to enable continued expansion of the military death machine: fighting over Earth’s remaining resources, and reducing the number of people who share them.

Whistle-blower scientists from many fields have varied ideas to explain the global crisis—even that warming is not happening, or is caused by other factors than human industry.

‘Other factors’ include weather war: the global military’s best-kept secret; but the scientists I’ve read so far don’t mention it. The destabilization of our planet’s systems is man-made, to a great degree, with “the “ultimate weapon of mass destruction: ‘owning the weather’ for military use”. Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Center for Research on Globalization provides photos and details: http://www.globalresearch.ca/theultimateweaponofmassdestructionowningtheweatherformilitaryuse2/5306386;

Dr. Rosalie Bertell explains that geomagnetic weather warfare causes some part of the climate disasters around the world. From flood, drought, and hurricane to earthquake, these electromagnetic weapons have the capacity to kill hundreds to thousands of people at once. These are secret wars, seen as Acts of God or climate change, very efficiently carrying out the primary agenda: depopulation and global military dominance.

“This is not to say that military experimentation causes all atmospheric events and ultimately climate change. I am just saying that it is difficult in each case to separate out the military geo-experiments from the genuine heavings of the planet! The increase in violent weather is obvious to everyone. Is Mother Earth trying to send us a message of distress? Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change? I think not!”

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War (p6 para3)


             “Our most precious resource                          is the human spirit.”

Sister Rosalie Bertell        1929-2012

Published by


Bio: Citizen activist on emerging eco-social crises and sustainable solutions. Over four decades I co-founded several community action groups and coalitions focused on energy: nuclear reactors, uranium mining, mega-dams, waste incinerators. I promote transition to sustainable practice. Today, electromagnetic weapons threaten the survival of all life on Earth. Dr. Rosalie Bertell recommended we act in coalition to engage our world government. Accordingly, I propose a global coalition to petition the United Nations to: * Reassert the 1996 World Court decision that threat or use of nuclear weapons UNLAWFUL; * Update the 1976 Convention against weather modification for military purposes (ENMOD) and evaluate geomagnetic weapons; * Include all military causes of climate crisis in the UN IPCC Reports.

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