Whistle blower UN IPCC scientists expose UN political agenda

Focused on BC’s wildfire weather war crisis, I was drawn into the CO2 debate when I learned that the UN IPCC leaves military missions out of their Reports–and has done for 22 years. Even assuming the UN dictate that civilian emissions are the single cause of global warming, distracting us from escalating militarism and wars, with the global consequences of misunderstanding, conflict and chaos, is criminal.

This blatant but camouflaged political agenda moved me to finally take time out to read the UN IPCC scientists who quit. They point out that the claim of scientific consensus is driven by political agendas.

A brilliant video interview by Alex Newman on the shore of the Baltic Sea with
Nils-Axel Moerner, retired head of paleogeophysics and geodynamics at Stockholm University, IPCC reviewer on sea levels in 2000. He resigned after the IPCC repeatedly refused to discuss his data. He gives a comprehensive picture of scientific data on sea levels, and several political agendas.

UN IPCC Scientist Debunks UN Climate Lies

You can see here: a list of many other dissident UN IPCC scientists at: https://granitegrok.com/blog/2017/02/un-scientists-turned-ipcc

Russian scientist Andrei Kapitsa and others: https://gyancorner.blogspot.com/2008/07/challenging-basis-of-kyoto-protocol.html.

Freeman Dyson: independent emeritus scientist (at age 91): https://www.52-insights.com/freeman-dyson-i-kept-quiet-for-30-years-so-maybe-its-time-to-speak-interview-science/

“To me, the really urgent risks are still war and peace and that’s far more serious to me than anything that can happen as a result of climate change.”


However, none of the scientists I’ve read so far mention geomagnetic weather war. This “ultimate weapon of mass destruction” is still a well-kept secret–now being outed by committed activists around the world.

Toward 2020 vision
for a humanity blinded by endless war,