Wildfire Armageddon: NOT the ‘new normal’ if we stop weather war.  

The sudden escalation in numbers and intensity of last summer’s forest fires suggests that more than millennial Earth cycles, or climate change alone, were at work. More land burned in 2018 and 2017 than in the previous 25 years combined: 2.57 million hectares.

University of Alberta wildfire expert Mike Flannigan explained: “We’ve been predicting more fire in B.C., but we weren’t expecting this much, this soon.” ‘He blamed a blocking ridge of high pressure for creating the perfect conditions for disaster. The air beneath the ridge, which has been stuck over B.C. and the Western U.S. for much of this summer and last “sinks, dries and warms”. That in turn dries the forests that fuel the fire. “The table is set”, said the professor. A lightning strike or human error ignites the inferno. He predicts more years with more fire activity’.                                                                                                        (Glenda Luymes, Vancouver Sun, August 31, 2018)

Such a ridge of high pressure can be set by ‘steering’ the jet stream with an ionospheric heater. Owning the weather for military use has been a global ambition since World War II. With the invention of the heater in 1966, based on Nikola Tesla’s work, global powers developed electromagnetic (EM) weapons, despite the 1978 United Nations Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques. They avoid censure by naming projects industrial or solar research. The High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska has been operational since 1995, with the capacity to intensify hurricanes; cause drought and flood; “deposit energy” at tectonic plates to produce earthquakes and tsunamis; and destabilize volcanic equilibrium.

In Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, Dr. Rosalie Bertell explains how it works. The heater’s phased array of microwave antennas can be focused to manipulate the jet stream winds, the ten rivers of water vapour, and the electrojet in the ionosphere, which circulate at high speeds around Earth. “It has been speculated that an ‘electronic dam’ can be set up using ELF [Extremely Low Frequency] generators – a magnetic field is created which stalls or blocks a weather front…” (p136).

book 1

Writing in 2001, Dr. Bertell tells us:

“When HAARP is completed, it will be able to warm specific areas of the ionosphere until they produce a curved-shape lens capable of redirecting significant amounts of electromagnetic energy. These reflected electromagnetic beams may be in the microwave or ultraviolet range and could be used as a weapon either to incinerate a forest or oil reserve or to selectively kill living things” (p124).

The first stage of HAARP was completed in 1995, with 18 transmission towers; by 1998 there were 48, and by 2002, 180 antennas were in service.

HAARP is part of the US system of EM weapons that includes high frequency radar and radio installations (like the North Warning System in Canada), attack satellites, and plasma shields—components of ‘Star Wars’.

Chemtrails: aerosol spraying of incendiary metals—barium, aluminum, lithium, strontium, ‘chaff’, and unknown toxins, ostensibly to reflect the sunlight—are chemical and biological weapons. Toxic to the ozone and all life, they also dry forests, fueling wildfire extremes.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, in the online journal Global Research, provides details and photos of

HAARP. He lists the extreme weather anomalies suffered by countries the US calls ‘rogue states’, since 1995: North Korea, Cuba, Afghanistan, Iraq, and former Soviet republics of Central Asia, suffered repeated droughts and floods, sometimes twice in the same year, devastating agriculture and infrastructure. Millions of people died of famine.

Dane Wigington, founder of activist website Geoengineering Watch, provides videos of California’s catastrophic fires as well as satellite images of BC’s fires this summer, smoke rising toward the Arctic.  He quotes a study finding that the smoke cooled the Arctic temporarily. He reveals that the patents for the heater (developed while Eastland worked for oil giant ARCO) are owned by US military contractor Raytheon. Raytheon Canada operates the North Warning System in northern Canada.

Evil Fire
This painting is by Annie from Portugal, where people suffered devastating fires in 2017.

Why BC?  Why now?   

BC is not immune to the global forces competing for Earth’s diminishing resources. In fact, we are hot property: quantities of ‘Beautiful BC’ real estate, spectacular wilderness tourism, and the world’s richest untapped mineral resources, have global corporations working relentlessly for advantage.  The capitalist feeding frenzy is restrained only by Aboriginal Title: recognized by International Law, it is denied by successive governments. Popes and European kings claimed that Christian nations had the right to seize the lands of ‘infidel’ Indigenous Peoples. ‘Legal’ declarations by and North American governments continue this practice. (Nuxhalk Nation, “Doctrine of Christian Discovery”, Reaffirmation of Nuxhalk Law 1996).

Today Indigenous Nations increasingly assert their title and resource rights in their 300-year struggle to end genocide. Smallpox was the first use of germ warfare, killing 90% of Native people, as told in their history, and slowly being acknowledged. Microscopic reserves in relation to their vast territories demonstrate what is at stake. Reserves—colonial genocidal design still in force—allow no space, or resources, for today’s or following generations. First Nations are gaining legal decisions in principle—though every court gives priority to every corporate project ‘in the national interest’. In the first return of substantial lands, after 30 years of legal battles, the Tsilh qot’in Nation won the return of their Nemiah Valley—but not their sacred Fish Lake, nor other areas planned for mining.

Resistance grows: to the Peace River Site C dam; to pipelines to export Tar Sands diluted bitumen and Liquid Natural Gas (LNG). Common survival interests and the need for reconciliation raise public support for land defenders. Fourteen Wet’suwet’en defenders were arrested (01/14/19) by RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) in tactical gear. To prevent violence, traditional chiefs and defenders agreed to let the gas company in, who then bulldozed tents and traplines.

Tensions rise. Will the dominator sector call out the army—again? RCMP and Canadian Forces polish their swords. Politicians polish their regret speeches; CEOs polish their champagne flutes. Overt violence is still popular; but violence disguised as ‘Force of Nature’ is trending.

Unprecedented intensity and unusual fire behaviour were reported with the same phrases, in BC and in California. ‘Unpredictable, travelling fast’, merging with other fires. It was ‘a burning, exploding fire’; it ‘snaked through town’ burning some homes but leaving the one next door untouched.

Cheslatta Carrier Nation, Ootsa Lake:  Two hundred ranchers and loggers, used to fighting fires, defied evacuation orders to protect their homes, farms and ranches.  For several days the RCMP prevented them from taking diesel, gas, mechanics to service their equipment—and water—on the ferry, the only access to their homes on the south side of Francois Lake; they were allowed food and medicine. Following protests, the restriction was lifted. (Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, August 23)

Nadleh Whut’en First Nation, Fort Fraser:  The Shovel Lake fire burned 910 square kilometers.  Band spokeswoman Miranda Louie said their culture camp was destroyed because they were not told the fire was so close.  “There was no communication with our community.”  They reached out to their Tsilh quot’in neighbours to help set up an emergency centre. She said berry crops and hunting territory were destroyed; the fire being close to the Nautley River prevented salmon fishing.  People have always relied on these food resources; and social assistance is lower on reserve. “The financial impact to our membership is going to be quite tremendous.” (Laura Kane, Vancouver Sun, August 25)

Many more Indigenous Nations suffered extreme wildfire impacts. Along with their settler neighbours they also suffered the control of the centralized emergency systems: evacuation orders enforced by the RCMP, preventing local participation, even by people experienced with forest fires.

Burns Lake:  Residents tried to blockade a contractor’s removal of fire fighting equipment to another area; he claimed it was unsuitable for that kind of territory; three homes burned. People are frustrated that authorities are not using valuable local knowledge, and dismissed suggestions that they were naïve or unprepared.  (Hina Alam, Vancouver Sun, August 27)

Repeated requests to the federal government by Grand Chief Ed Johns of the First Nations Summit to equip First Nations to fight local fires have been ignored. Municipalities also requested funding and training for local brigades. The Prime Minister acknowledged that the government must do better.

Why attack Indigenous Nations—still?

Most Indigenous Nations still resist government pressures for assimilation. Collective, matrilineal, consensus people—”the original communists”—have been pushed, since contact, toward individualist, patrilineal, authoritarian, imperialist capitalism.

After years of work, indigenous activists were granted the Truth and Reconciliation Commission: public hearings, and a government apology for residential schools. (Communities were left without children, their children imprisoned far from home, tortured and abused. One third to half the children died. Colonial apologists blame the death toll, in part, on TB and other diseases, but survivors say the sick children were kept with the well.) Still, today, children are taken from their homes in the same numbers, moved to white families or government ‘care’: often, neglect. The National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was set up after years of public actions by their relatives. In the last 30 years, police estimate 1,017 women have been killed, 164 are missing. Indigenous women’s groups document 4000 women and girls killed and missing.

Genocidal practices continue. Most Nations refuse ‘modern Treaties’. Unprotected by international law, with rules set by government—”No more than 5% of lands will be returned”—these agreements finalize the theft of Indian land. A few Nations participate to relieve their legislated poverty, but they must borrow from the BC Treaty Commission to pay for the process; they owe hundreds of millions of dollars. Haida Matriarch Lavina White explained: “They are making us pay to give them our land!”

822018~70902_Alkali 2.JPG (2592×1936)

Tahltan First Nation at Telegraph Creek:  When the Alkali Lake fire was discovered August 1, the Tahltan Nation’s fire service was going to put it out, but they were told the Wildfire Service would deal with it. This fire grew quickly; by August 22 it had merged with the fires at Tahltan River, Muddy Lake, and Lovell Creek to become the second largest extreme wildfire, burning 118,318 hectares.

8222018~52634_IMG_0291.JPG (3264×2448)

Like every aboriginal nation living in their territory and prevented from using their own resources, Tahltan people provide local expertise and the workforce for mines, and recently, for BC Hydro transmission corridors to serve them.  But as Arthur Manuel of the Indigenous Network on Economies and Trade explained, royalties, if any, are equivalent to beads and trinkets compared to the value of the resource. But given the dominator society’s laws against accessing the rich resources of their collective lands, their choices are limited.

Like every community today looking to balance economic resources with ecological stability, some Tahltans also work with their Alaskan neighbours to limit the number of mines being staked in the transboundary region, threatening the fisheries and the ecosystems on which thousands of people depend.  Each mine proposes tailings dams from 2.5 to six times the capacity of the Mt. Polley earth-fill dam. https://thenarwhal.ca/photoscanadianminingboomneverseenbefore.

Working for ten years, with their local and global network of indigenous nations and civil society organizations, the Tahltan people stopped Shell Oil from fracking in their Sacred Headwaters: source of the Skeena, Stikine, and Iskut Rivers, whose wealth of salmon and other resources feed wildlife and people alike.  In the 1980s they stopped BC Hydro from building seven dams on the Stikine River after BCH had already begun blasting a tunnel at the Grand Canyon—without notice to the Nation.  After Imperial Metals’ Mt. Polley disaster, Tahltans blockaded Imperial`s Red Chris mine in their territory until the company had the earth-fill tailings dam—the height of a 35-story building: 2.5 times as high as the Mt. Polley dam—independently inspected. #tahltanstrong reflects the power of their culture, sustaining their community and their vast, beautiful homelands for 12,000 years.

Clear evidence of weather war

The fish camp on the Stikine River where infrared emissions were seen.

Infrared emissions were observed prior to the Stikine fires—sure evidence of deliberate weather war. Thought to be invisible to the human eye, a 2014 international study led by Washington University School of Medicine to improve treatment of the eye, found that if the light beam is pulsed fast enough the eye can see it. https://phys.org/news/2014-12-human-eye-invisible-infrared.html.

One year after that sighting a massive fire was ignited by a lightning strike—three kilometers away.

Why one year from infrared emissions to strike?  Dr. Bertell: “In the 1960s the Soviets had an orbital weapon called a ‘killer satellite’. It was supposed to use a radar-guided, two-orbit profile (that is, it needed two orbits around the Earth) to identify and lock on to its target. Since the two-orbit timing was slow, attempts to create a one-orbit ‘kill’ using infrared guidance were tried but were notably unsuccessful” (p83).

She describes a 1977 ELF test in Wisconsin: “The transmissions were pulsed at a rate of 16 times a second. The ELF antenna loop used the ionosphere as an outer shell of a spherical capacitor [storing more electrical potential than the surrounding Earth], with the inner conductor composed of the Earth’s surface. This circuit duplicated the process that occurs during thunder and lightning storms” (p134).

Of 2,068 BC wildfires in 2018, an unprecedented 1,528 were caused by lightning.

What Can Be Done?

The good news: the ionospheric heater could be used to ameliorate the impacts of climate change.   

“The Eastlund patents also describe ‘altering upper-atmosphere winds – so that positive environmental effects can be achieved….’ In theory HAARP could create rain in drought-ridden areas, decrease rains during flooding, and direct hurricanes, tornadoes and monsoons away from populated areas” (p124).

Dr. Bertell and Professor Chossudovsky both advise environmentalists to pay attention to military research, experimentation, and war, which cause so many disasters, and destabilize our planet.  Framing local issues in the global context of military dominance brings more options for action.

Dr. Bertell: “In my view, the emergency action we must take is to terminate the military (p168)”. She explains how to phase it out, disband it; it must be brought under civilian control. We must challenge the belief that military force is a necessary evil. To be successful we must replace people’s fear, which supports the military idea of security, with a viable concept of security that resonates with today’s crises: climate collapse, internal conflict, migration, human trauma and environmental chaos (pp172-177).

“The time is also ripe for a feminist critique of human and environmental security needs…I would go still further and call for ecological security. A feminist critique would also explore the issue of culturally sanctioned violence. The hard sell marketing of military and space to young people is apparent in all forms of media” (p191).

Ecological security, respect for women and children, for Earth and all life, reflect the values of Indigenous Peoples around the world.

The Earth Charter moves this concept to action. Bertell describes its evolution from the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to a civil society initiative with a world-wide consultation process on peace, justice, and sustainable development. In 2000 the Earth Charter Commission launched this international consensus statement representing millions of individuals and organizations. The Earth Charter is used in peace negotiations, development of global standards, governance and legislative process, gaining the status of “soft law”: earthcharter.org.

The International Peace Bureau, founded in 1891, works through 300 organizations in 70 countries.   Their 2014 report by Tamara Lorincz, “Demilitarization for Deep Decarbonization”, reveals that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change “failed to include the fuel consumption and carbon emissions for the military in their calculations and analysis…because of the intense lobbying by the United States during the Kyoto Protocol negotiations…” ipb.org.  Millions more activists around the world organize for Peace.

A Global Coalition of Indigenous Peoples (who suffer extreme weather disproportionately), young people, peace and civil society organizations, medical and scientific bodies opposing weather/war, would have recourse to several United Nations agencies. 

The first conflict investigated by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the UN Committee on Human Settlements was NATO’s ‘humanitarian bombing’ of Kosovo on 24 March 1999 despite international protest. Seventy-nine days of carpet bombing: relentless horror, indiscriminate of civilians and military targets, contrary to International Humanitarian Law. UNEP found rivers and soils contaminated with depleted uranium (DU), radioactive for 1000s of years; with oil and chemicals from 80 bombed industrial areas and from demolished infrastructure.

“On their return they called a conference including both governmental and non-governmental organizations, and the Balkan Task Force of Environment and Human Settlements (BTF) was formed.  Greenpeace, the World Wide Fund for Nature, The Green Cross and the Danube River Commission joined the BTF” (Bertell, p23).

UNEP: The events of this summer call for an investigation of this unnatural fire season: to evaluate origins; to test vegetation, animals, and people for toxins and toxic metals; to interview residents about health effects, and the impact on traditional food resources.

UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Working Group on Early Warning and Urgent Action, heard Chief Arthur Manuel and Bertha Williams on Aboriginal Title, February 2009.

UN General Assembly: a petition to re-assert and update the Convention on the prohibition of military or any hostile use of environmental modification techniques, 10 December 1976;           and to support a conference to review electromagnetic weapons.

  • ENMOD conference: The ENMOD Convention requires periodic conferences to ensure the provisions of the agreement are met. These are convened under the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross at the request of States Parties; when considering beneficial ENMOD effects, international organizations can be included.  

 “An international treaty protecting natural ecosystems, the United Nations Convention on Environmental Modification was signed in 1977 after the Vietnam War. In this conflict, the military had deliberately targeted the environment as a strategy of war: more than two million acres of forest were levelled and denuded; another five million acres of land were left contaminated and unproductive because of toxic chemicals such as ‘Agent Orange’” (Bertell, p45).

  • International Court of Justice: administers International Humanitarian Law, based on the Geneva conventions of 1949, that “governs the choice of weapons and prohibits or restricts the use of certain weapons”. Conferences convened by the International Committee of the Red Cross review new weapons for adherence to IHL principles: protection of civilians during military conflict. https://www.icj-cij.org/en/court; https://www.icrc.org/en/warandlaw.

Even if the procedures and political differences at the United Nations–our world’s best effort at getting along–prevent emergency action after a united world-wide appeal, the process would expose the global military’s best-kept secret and bring these crimes against humanity and our planet to public consciousness: the only path to change.

                                                                                                                                                        “We do have power, that’s the real top secret.” 

                                                   Daniel Ellsberg

 Breakdown / breakthrough: 

Hazel Henderson

 “Our most precious resource is the human spirit.”

Sister Rosalie Bertell  1929-2012


Vancouver Sun, 2018:  August 31, Glenda Lyumes, p. A6; August 23, Gordon Hoekstra, p.A1;            August 25, Laura Kane, p. A8; August 27, Hina Alam, p. A4.

Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Planet Earth: The Latest Weapon of War, Black Rose Books, 2001.

Epidemiologist, expert in the health effects of low-level ionizing radiation, Sister Rosalie (a Grey Nun of the Sacred Heart) was head of the adult section of the Tri-State Leukemia Survey for the US National Cancer Institute. This 9-year, 36-million person-year study by 27 researchers found that the primary cause of the rapid rise in leukemia was excessive medical X-rays, which also cause high rates of birth defects and cancer in children. Her speaking tour of nine BC communities in 1978 brought us her information, her compassion, and her gentle humour, turning the tide of our ten-year resistance to uranium mining and nuclear power.

Dr. Bertell gained expertise in electromagnetic weapons when she was named to the Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed Solar Power Satellite Project (1978) mandated by the US Congress. The cost of that solar power on Earth: $3000 per kilowatt hour–suggested that this was about more than civilian electricity.

Rosalie founded the International Institute of Concern for Public Health; she traveled to 60 countries to help people impacted by nuclear testing, pesticides, and other eco-disasters: http://www.cwhn.ca/en/node/15257.

Dr. Bertell on geo-magnetic warfare: http://geoterrorism.blogspot.com/2011/12/backgroundofhaarpprojectdrrosalie.html.  On chemtrails: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hh4iS_P5aBw. On the history of military experiments destabilizing Earth systems: Slowly Wrecking Our Planet:   http://www.pbmeonline.org/wpcontent/uploads/2015/05/Bertell.SlowlyWrecking.pdf.

Professor Michel Chossudovsky, Center for Research on Globalization: http://www.globalresearch.ca/theultimateweaponofmassdestructionowningtheweatherformilitaryuse2/5306386;  The Globalization of Poverty and the New World Order, Global Research Publisher, 2003.

Dane Wigington, Geoengineering Watch: provides videos of California and BC fires, satellite images showing smoke rising to the Arctic. https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/climate-engineering-wildfires-to-temporarily-cool-earth/. A whistleblower chemtrail pilot reveals details: the highest-paid military pilots, and photos of chemtrail jets: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZaD-H_j3pU.

Lavina White, Matriarch, Yaaklaamas Clan, Haida Nation: http://www.haidanation.ca/?page_id=26.

Willie Brown, Elder, Tahltan Nation: http://tahltan.ca/nation/people/.

Chief George Manuel, Neskonlith Band, Secwepemc Nation: http://www.firstnations.de/development/secwepemc.htm.

Chief Arthur Manuel, Neskonlith Band, Secwepemc Nation: The Reconciliation Manifesto: Recovering the Land, Rebuilding the Economy. Unsettling Canada: A National Wake-Up Call.

“This is not to say that military experimentation causes all atmospheric events and ultimately climate change. I am just saying that it is difficult in each case to separate out the military geo-experiments from the genuine heaving’s of the planet! The increase in violent weather is obvious to everyone. Is Mother Earth trying to send us a message of distress? Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change?

I think not!”                      Dr. Rosalie Bertell

rock island lake

When I thought of Guatemala I imagined a story-book place: jungles full of long-tailed birds, women wearing rainbow-threaded dresses.

But of course there was more to the picture.  Police everywhere, always.  Whole villages of Indians forced to move again and again.  As soon as they planted their crops, Estevan said,

the police would come and set their houses and fields on fire and make them move again.

The strategy was to wear them down so they’d be too tired or too hungry to fight back.

                                             Barbara Kingsolver, The Bean Trees



 Hell is what’s happening right here on earth.

                   Louise Erdrich, Future Home of the Living God

TC winter light rising beyond dip in road

                Song of the Eskimo

aii! …

aii! …     

I think over again my small adventures  

When with the wind I drifted in my kayak  

And thought I was in danger  

My fears  

Those small ones that seemed so big  

For all the vital things  

I had to get and to reach  

And yet there is only one great thing  

The only thing  

To live to see the great day that dawns  

And the light that fills the world.  

                                                 Translated by Tegoodligak   

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