WWII soot, smoke, aerosol particles, caused warming

The findings on the study of nuclear winter and wildfires (also in 2017) are confirmed and extended by Harvard physicist Dr. Bernard Gottschalk and geoscientist J. Marvin Hendon. Analyzing global temperature data from 1880 to 2016, Dr. Gottschalk noticed a ‘heat bump’ at the time of WWII.

Dr. Gottschalk’s “World War II Heat Bump”: Did the War Contribute to Air Pollution and Global Warming?

Dr. Hendon followed up, demonstrating how air pollution particles released in war cause warming by reducing the action of convection in the troposphere. By convection and infrared radiation Earth releases trapped energy to maintain the delicate energy balance.

“By war’s end in 1945, the Allied Forces had dropped over 2.7 million tons of bombs in Europe alone, creating maelstroms of smoke, debris, dust, and soot, with fires that could rage for days.”

The quantities of aerosol particulates produced by weather wars defies imagination; but it would be reflected in the graph by the fast-rising temperatures to date.


These recent findings also suggest that ‘the Science’ is not singular. The question is not C02 or methane or aerosol particulates, or nuclear pollutants; not military or civilian activity.  As usual, being interconnected, it’s All of the Above.


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Bio: Citizen activist on emerging eco-social crises and sustainable solutions. Over four decades I co-founded several community action groups and coalitions focused on energy: nuclear reactors, uranium mining, mega-dams, waste incinerators. I promote transition to sustainable practice. Today, electromagnetic weapons, applied to total control and depopulation by global imperialists, threaten the survival of all life on Earth.

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