‘Road pricing’: key to cutting greenhouse gases? Suzuki Report 

A22 Saturday, November 30, 2019 Vancouver Sun


It’s disappointing to see the David Suzuki Foundation advocating road pricing; to see Vancouver and Metro looking at it. Stockholm is not us: our gap between rich and poor is wider, distances greater. Why not replace the gas tax with carbon tax income for municipal services? Why not divert taxes from escalating military spending?

Road pricing attempts to micro-manage the civilian economy while ignoring the bull in the china shop: militarism and war. Wars also cause climate change. But the UN IPCC limits its reports to CO2 emissions from the civilian economy because the U.S. lobbied at the 1997 Kyoto Accord to keep military emissions out. After 22 years of misdirection we still follow suit.

The missing puzzle pieces to the climate picture—overt and covert war—are being placed, giving us the whole picture, opening new ways to ease our survival crisis.

Is war a civic issue? An environmental issue?

Hildegard Bechler

Sustainable Community development services

Langley, BC



Dr. David Suzuki

Tom Green

Mayor Jonathan Cote

Mayor Kennedy Stewart

Councillor Adrianne Carr

Metro Vancouver Climate Action Committee

Tiffany Crawford



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Hildegard Bechler is a community organizer focused on peace, energy, economics and waste. Her 1978 speaking tour for Dr. Rosalie Bertell, expert in the health impacts of low-level ionizing radiation, united citizens around the province cooperating to successfully prevent nuclear reactors and uranium mining in B.C. She supported Indigenous Nations preventing mega-dams and land seizures. Public meetings, consultations with government, university seminars and media interviews with Rosalie Bertell, Amory Lovins, Hazel Henderson and Paul Connett helped inform citizens establishing alternatives to essential services. Today, electromagnetic weapons, applied to total control and depopulation by global imperialists, threaten the survival of all life on Earth. All over the world people are working together with new globalized energy to share understanding and healing.

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