End terrorizing the young

The September 22 ‘die-in’ by New Westminster Secondary students highlights the need to sensitize ourselves to the suffering of young people and children in these shocking times. Overwhelmed, Government, school administrators, and teachers apply the established method; but social distancing and masking don’t address the anxiety and stress young people suffer. Many more counsellors and busses, more information and feedback from authorities, are essential.

But it is past time to ease the fear caused by reporting the negatives first. The number of covid cases leads each day’s news; but it is seldom mentioned that more than 99% recover.

Kids need to be reminded that 84% of deaths occurred in care homes, where caregivers working in several institutions spread the virus among elders, many with health problems, and lockdown-enforced isolation from family and friends. Those early horrific numbers raised the fear that the virus is everywhere in the air; that you are at risk even driving your car or walking in the woods. Threat of a ‘new wave’, and (documented) manipulation of numbers, keeps that fear alive.

The greatest tragedy of this lockdown is the terrorizing of generations of children.

Kids need to hear media and Government emphasize the negligible risk for young people. Be reassured by public acknowledgement of the distressing limitations on hearing and facial response.

They need their common sense validated when they experience masks reducing their oxygen, re-breathing their carbon dioxide, causing daily personal distress (all of which suppress the immune system). They need to hear positive options: that a strong immune system is the best protection—fresh air, exercise, healthy diet, vitamin and mineral supplements; friendship, normal human relations.

The makers of the most common masks tell us on the bottom of the box that they don’t protect against covid. Yet Governments, school administrators, teachers, and many parents follow (apparently without question) the dictates of the UN World Health Organization—which once also said that masks don’t protect against covid.

Young people need a range of resources to evaluate conflicting information and judge for themselves: who profits? But social media censor and attack doctors, scientists, and political analysts who raise these issues beyond the established narrative. Responsible media, Government, and local authorities must enable open discussion toward balance and perspective.

It has become apparent that the global lockdown has caused more deaths than covid; escalated public conflict; devastated small business and families, indebted governments to private capital, massively increasing corporate wealth; and now threatens millions of people with starvation.

Despite dominator blackout tactics, netizens share the realities: the WHO is in public-private partnership with Big Pharma; is funded largely by vaccine billionaire Bill Gates; that the ‘new normal’ is outlined in the 2007 simulation by WHO and the World Economic Forum: the “Lock Step” Plandemic we now live. Global public and personal control has been effected by this novel One World Government—without a shot fired.

This student protest, and the citizen demonstration last week, flatten the curve of fear. These students recognize that miscommunication causes stress “that has not yet been resolved”. This work should not be up to them. But they demonstrate that the clear energy of youth is our most precious resource.


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Bio: Citizen activist on emerging eco-social crises and sustainable solutions. Over four decades I co-founded several community action groups and coalitions focused on energy: nuclear reactors, uranium mining, mega-dams, waste incinerators. I promote transition to sustainable practice. Today, electromagnetic weapons, applied to total control and depopulation by global imperialists, threaten the survival of all life on Earth.

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