7 Aprile 2023

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“Russia will deploy its tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus at the request of Minsk,” President Putin announces.  “In fact,” he clarifies, “we are doing everything the United States has been doing for decades.

Moscow points out that the U.S. has placed its tactical nuclear weapons in Europe, in six NATO countries – Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, and Greece (Greece does not currently have them, but there is a depot ready to receive them). The B61 nuclear bombs, which in Italy are deployed at the Aviano and Ghedi bases, are now being replaced by the new B61-12s, which the U.S. Air Force is already transporting to Europe. They have features that make them much more lethal than their predecessors: each bomb has 4 power options depending on the target to be hit, is directed on the target by a satellite guidance system, and can penetrate the ground to destroy enemy command center bunkers. The U.S. will probably also deploy B61-12s in Poland and other NATO countries even closer to Russia.

Three NATO nuclear powers – U.S., Britain, France – and four U.S. nuclear-armed NATO countries -Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands – participate in Operation Baltic Air Policing in the airspace of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland, with aircraft that can carry tactical nuclear weapons.

In addition to these, B-52H strategic bombers of the U.S. Air Force carry out nuclear warfare training missions in the Baltic region and other European areas adjacent to Russian territory. The European Allies provide 19 airfields for such missions. The United States, having torn up the INF Treaty, also prepares intermediate-range nuclear missiles for deployment in Europe.

Adding to this offensive deployment are the bases and ships of the Aegis “missile defense” system deployed by the U.S. in Europe. Both the ships and the Aegis ground installations are equipped with Lockheed Martin’s Mk 41 vertical launchers that – as documented by the same manufacturer – can launch not only interceptor missiles but also cruise missiles armed with nuclear warheads.

After the U.S. and NATO rejected all Russian proposals to stop this increasingly dangerous nuclear escalation, Russia is responding with deeds, deploying nuclear bombs and intermediate-range missiles ready to be armed with nuclear warheads in Belarus, in close proximity to U.S.-NATO bases in Europe.


The included video by Manlio Dinucci, Italian associate at Global Research, provides mind-blowing detail on the stand-off crisis; the new nuclear weapons, complete with ads and videos from Lockheed Martin; take-offs of NATO planes constantly patrolling Russia’s borders with conventional and nuclear warheads. Nuclear missiles designed to fit into any silo. Nukes targeted by satellite. And more absolutely essential information.

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Hildegard Bechler is a community organizer focused on peace, energy, economics and waste. Her 1978 speaking tour for Dr. Rosalie Bertell, expert in the health impacts of low-level ionizing radiation, united citizens around the province cooperating to successfully prevent nuclear reactors and uranium mining in B.C. She supported Indigenous Nations preventing mega-dams and land seizures. Public meetings, consultations with government, university seminars and media interviews with Rosalie Bertell, Amory Lovins, Hazel Henderson and Paul Connett helped inform citizens establishing alternatives to essential services. Today, electromagnetic weapons, applied to total control and depopulation by global imperialists, threaten the survival of all life on Earth. All over the world people are working together with new globalized energy to share understanding and healing.

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