Dr. Rosalie Bertell: “zero tolerance for the destructive power of war.”

         “Is only the civilian economy responsible for climate change?                     I think not!”

“The problems we face at the beginning of the twenty-first century involve interconnected issues of militarism, economics, social policy and the environment. Global consumption of resources is exceeding Earth’s restorative capacity by at least 33 per cent. War and the preparation for war drastically reduce the store of these resources still further, leading to a self-perpetuating cycle in which competition for raw materials leads to further conflict. This means that global survival requires a zero tolerance policy for the destructive power of war.

However, I recognize that exposing the extremes of today’s military and outlining the crisis in resources will only bring about change if we also tackle the question of security. Popular support for the military comes from fear, and that fear is based on hundreds of years of recorded history. We feel that we must have weapons to protect ourselves from the weapons of the enemy.  This fear legitimizes the development and stockpiling of new weapons and results in the election of public officials who will not hesitate to use violence. This in turn attracts the warrior to public office and reinforces his or her belief that military might is the best assurance of security. If the public were convinced that there were real, viable alternatives to war, such figures would lose their mandate.

Therefore, it is vital that a new concept of security is devised, which puts Earth and its inhabitants first. The old paradigm of security protects wealth, financial investment and privilege through the threat and use of violence. The new concept embraces a more egalitarian vision, prioritizing people, human rights, and the health of the environment. Security is not being abandoned; it is just being achieved through the protection and responsible stewardship of the Earth. I would call this emerging new vision ‘ecological security’. Such a shift in focus requires a complex, multi-faceted approach to resource protection and distribution, to conflict resolution and the policing of the natural world. In Chapter 7, I will outline some of the directions we might take towards achieving these goals. But in order to do this, we must first challenge the belief that military force is a necessary evil.”



P171; Black Rose Books 2001

book 1


2 thoughts on “Dr. Rosalie Bertell: “zero tolerance for the destructive power of war.””

  1. I am very disappointed to have been handed a pamphlet at the Che Guevara concert containing specious quotes on chem trails. I choose to believe you are well intentioned, but spreading hokum discredits your organization and theirs. Fighting for any cause means standing for truth, facts, logic and reason. Picking and choosing where you want to believe in science and reality takes away any credibility for the rest of your argument. No response required


    1. Hello Clive;
      You are for sure not the only person who feels this way about chemtrails. My neighbour and I (a former pilot) have had to agree to disagree on this.
      Thank you for taking the time to tell me this. Sorry for the late response–I’m just learning the WP system.

      I apologize if I didn’t make my sources clear enough. The leaflet quotes Dr. Rosalie Bertell, from her book, and you can see her online, UTube, on chemtrails. The long-established site, Geoengineering Watch, provides a video by a whistleblower pilot explaining the systems and showing video of the planes. I thought I’d put that link in the leaflet. I’ll check on my website, make sure I have that information in a prominent place.
      Happy solstice!


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